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Golden Grass is rare, light, durable and naturally golden with no use of dyes. This fibre can only be found in an arid region dotted with oases in the heart of Brazil. Grown without chemicals or pesticides, its renewable source is eco-friendly and sustainable, certified by local harvesting regulations.

Sophisticated pieces are handcrafted by skilled native artisans following the Mumbuca tradition. These communities have control over their prices and products in accordance with the fair trade standards.

We are committed to promoting these people and their tradition, giving them the possibility to perpetuate the art of transforming accessories into delicate presents from nature.
Come visit us at:
Piccadilly Market 197,
W1J 9LL 

Wednesday to Saturdays
From 10am - 6pm
Telephone: +44 07825 336994
Email us below or at: info@goldengrass.org
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